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Blood Lines Monitoring: Embol-ADD CWD

Monitoring Software

The same algorithmic approach is used within the
Embol-ADD CWD (CWD stands for for Continuous Wave Dopplers) for the real-time monitoring of embolization (both for emboli/artifacts differentiation or solid/gas separation, and soon for emboli sizing). But here, rather than using PW Doppler for transcranial applications, we use the simpler and cheaper CW Doppler modality. The latter CWD gives no info on the measurement depth, but the depth is irrelevant when measuring e.g. on plastic tubing, such as an ECC blood line.

We therefore develop a complete unit (comprising hardware and software) for the real-time assessment of embolization in blood lines. This unit comprises:

  • One (or more) off-the-shelves USB CW Doppler probe(s) (the CW electronic board is nowadays so small that it can be easily fit in the probe's holder itself),

  • The matched software for embolization monitoring that runs on PC.

This Embol-ADD CWD system can be proposed either as a package comprising the PC, or as an OEM solution with the USB probe(s) and a software that can be installed on any PC.

The system is available as an OEM component to the industry.

Typical applications of the Embol-ADD CWD are:

  • Blood flow (speed, pulsatility, etc) and embolization (artefacts, emboli, solid vs gas, emboli sizes) monitoring in ECC circuits,

  • Blood flow and embolization monitoring in dialysis devices,

  • Control system in blood circuitry development labs.

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