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Applications, Features and Benefits

Monitoring Software > Real-Time Emboli Classification Software: Embol-ADD PWD

Typical applications of the Embol-ADD are real-time monitoring of embolization during surgery, stenting and all other brain embolizing procedures.

Being aware of current embolization helps the surgeon/interventional radiologist

  • adapt its intervention (e.g. be less aggressive on tissue during dissection)
  • insert an arterial filter if needed,
  • administer anti-coagulant or neuroprotective drugs as needed

Features of the Embol-ADDŽ:

  • On-line automatic analysis of TCD monitoring files.
  • Detection of high intensity transient signals (HITS) in blood flow.
  • Differentiation of micro-embolic signals (MES) from artifacts.
  • Differentiation of solid from gaseous emboli (91% solid vs. solid sensitivity, 88% gas vs. gas specificity).
  • EEDŽ breakthrough technology for enhanced emboli visualization.
  • SSRŽ technology to restore saturated Doppler signals to their original amplitudes and shapes.

Benefits to Healthcare Providers

  • Fast, fully automated, time-saving data analysis and interpretation.
  • Report writing time cut down to a minimum through automatic MES categorization.
  • New clinical studies from re-analyzing existing TCD data.
  • Early decision in stroke management.
  • Improved clinical outcome.
  • Increased clinical knowledge.
  • Time and cost-savings.
  • Extended capabilities of TCD devices.

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