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Investing Opportunities



The analysis of the markets and its actors on these markets clearly indicate that ABMI's developments and products are unique.

For an investor, ABMI has a large strategic value as outlined below:

The in-depth knowledge in the clinical field of cerebral embolization

Due to its high impact on neurological morbidity and mortality in cardio-vascular surgery and stenting/procedures, as well as in orthopedic surgery, this field is becoming "hot". ABMI's expertise and contacts could be of high and immediate strategic value to an investor/acquirer.

The large expertise in the field of clinical expert systems for knowledge extraction from clinical data

ABMI software heavily relies on the use of expert systems - or "artificial intelligence" that are capable of extracting clinical knowledge from a known set of crude clinical data.

The methodology that has been used for developing brain embolization monitoring systems can be straightforwardly applied to extracting useful clinical knowledge and devising decision aid systems in any other area of medicine, and more generally in any data-intensive domain.

Thus, lots of areas of medicine could benefit from improved analysis of clinical data and this is exactly what the ABMI team has become an expert in.

The Software and Expert Systems for brain embolization and brain prefusion

ABMI has developed the best software and algorithmics on the market, based on the largest dataset of clinical recordings, for identifying brain emboli as solid or gas, and for determining the sizes of solid emboli.
Such software and algorithms can be rapidly adapted and integrated into any system performing Doppler measurements of blood flows, e.g.:

  • Transcranial Doppler (TCD) pulsed wave systems,
  • Extracranial/peripheral (pulsed or continuous wave Doppler) blood flow monitors and vessel imaging systems (Duplex, color-coded), including newly marketed USB CW ultrasound Doppler probes and PC-based vessel imaging systems,
  • Blood flow monitoring systems for extra-corporeal circulation (ECC) devices and dialysis equipment,
  • as well as into broader patient monitoring systems for the ICU / OR / ECC / dialysis that comprise a Doppler measuring probe, or onto which a Doppler monitoring capability needs to be added (see below, Signal Acquisition Devices).

The Signal Acquisition Devices

Besides contemplating a market for OEM software, ABMI has put great effort, since inception, in developing related and performing hardware in order to offer complete solutions for embolization and blood flow monitoring.

With the help of state sizeable state funding and in collaboration with renowned technical universities in Switzerland, ABMI has developed:

  • miniaturized transcranial Doppler hardware
  • the adapted machine software and USB/PC drivers,

the main characteristics of which are:

  • Small size (present prototypes are are about 4x4 inches (10x10 cm), and will be made smaller in the final industrial versions,
  • Systems are purely USB powered, and are in this sense much more advanced than the competition's,
  • Systems incorporate a rechargeable battery and a mass memory for full Doppler signal data collection, making them fully portable and able to operate even if not connected to a PC,
  • Systems contain a large, unused FPGA for further integration of applications, acc. to needs of selected partner/acquirer.
  • PC software is interfaced to existing ABMI emboli detection and identification software/algorithms, which run in real time as a .dll,
  • PC software and algorithms are secured via a hardware USB security dongle.

The ABMI miniaturized transcranial Doppler can easily be integrated into any PC-based device via a USB port.

Complete packaged solutions

ABMI is in the position of packaging the full system (software/algorithms + TCD hardware) according to partner specs for integration into any medical device.

Envisioned future developments: cerebrovascular 3d tomography with ultrasound

Based on the same base technology, ABMI envisions the development of a transcranial Doppler ultrasound 3d tomography system. This system will allow visualizing in real time the cerebral blood flows and will represent a breakthrough advance in fields such as OR guiding and positioning system for open-skull brain surgery.

The in vitro cerebrovascular blood flow simulator and in vitro know-how

ABMI has developed a large-scale, reliable in-vitro simulator of the cerebral blood flows. The system comprises steady-flow and pulsed pumps, a degassing/bubbles trapping device, commutable stainless steel filters, emboli injection devices (both for one-by-one injection and for mass injection of solid and gaseous emboli).

The in vitro phantom has been used at ABMI for recording large amounts of data on artificial and biological emboli (atheroma plaque fragments etc). In particular, the in vitro facility was essential in developing algorithms for the estimation of the sizes of emboli - such trials cannot of course be conducted on humans.


Validated Technology
Clinical papers published in international medical and scientific journals, numerous presentation in international medical conferences.

Strong Market Potential
Increasing clinical concern over peri-operative brain embolization & neurological mortality/morbidity in cardio-vascular surgery/stenting.
ABMI has conducted a large strategy review and come up with new lines of business development in cardio-vascular surgery, stenting, ICU, ECC and dyalisis.

Cash generative model
Normative operating margins of 50% and above.

A team with a proven track record
TCD experts, EPFL Professors and PhDs, an MIT and Max-Planck Postdoc, successful entrepreneurs, former high-rank officers. Support from key opinion leaders in neurology and cardio-vascular surgery

Image and reputation
Swiss and International recognition An acquirer could add the numerous recognitions and prices to its own brand portfolio and profit from ABMI's reputation for its group marketing.

Numerous prestigious prizes including

  • Wall Street Journal Innovation Award 2003 - Gold Medal in Technology,
  • European Platinum Seal of Excellence 2005;
  • De Vigier Prize 2004;
  • CTI label and Grant 2004,
  • Liechti Prize 2003.

Press Coverage
e.g., in the Wall Street Journal, Agefi, NZZ, and an interview on CNBC.

State support
A number of state initiatives (in Canton Vaud as well as in neighboring Cantons) are being / can be applied for and can represent a costless but sizeable addition to the future partner/acquirer financial involvement, allowing the latter to leverage its investment.

Tax holiday
ABMI was granted a 10 year tax holiday. There are 6 years still available to take full advantage. If ABMI as a company is being used for growth (also with new products or in addition as a distributor), this tax advantage may reveal substantial.

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