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Products Overview and Technological Platform

About ABMI

ABMI aims at providing clients with innovative, portable, well-priced and evolutive solutions for real-time monitoring of neurological, intensive care and surgical/stenting patients.

Such equipment is aimed at monitoring in real time the cerebral blood flows, brain embolization, as well as other relevant parameters, in order to take early decisions (drugs, therapy), monitor the effects of drugs (which may have important side-effects), and increase the clinical knowledge.

ABMI's product line is an evolutive sequence of products, the added value of which is mainly based on innovation in signal processing and miniaturization.


ABMI has developed a technological platform made of several components :

  • the application software allowing identification and characterization of emboli in intracranial blood flow, developed during the academic research project and licensed to ABMI,
  • the clinical data that was acquired, assembled and analyzed during the academic project,
  • the unique in vitro simulator for cerebral circulation granted to ABMI by the academic institutions,
  • major proprietary developments brought by ABMI over the past three years to the above-mentioned licensed software, in terms of GUI, algorithmics, R&D tools, and enhanced performance,
  • internal developments in terms of TCD hardware and real-time software, prototypes and knowledge.

Both hardware and software components developed by ABMI in house and at the Universities of Applied Sciences in Fribourg and in Yverdon constitute ABMI's fully owned IP.

While the first ABMI product has just been put on the market, ABMI intends to produce a range of integrated, portable and flexible systems for automated monitoring of the cerebrovascular condition, for stroke patients, in intensive care and during cardio-vascular surgery, as well as possibly for ambulances and emergency care medicine.

These systems provide innovative diagnostic and decision aid, which help improve recovery and decrease hospitalization time for neurological and surgical patients.
ABMI's systems are concerned with :

  • identifying the circulating debris which cause embolic stroke,
  • monitoring the brain irrigation by blood (brain perfusion) and the brain activity,
  • imaging intra-cerebral blood flows,
  • controlling the quality of blood in extra-corporeal circulation devices and dialysis systems.

ABMI products share common characteristics: they all are
highly technological medical products that are based on advanced software, signal processing and algorithmics and on portable, miniaturized hardware.

All ABMI products are highly innovative, niche products with applications in a variety of domains, both medical and non-medical.

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