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Vision and Mission

About ABMI


ABMI is a provider of paradigm-changing products in the medical market.

Within 5 years, ABMI will leverage its scientific excellence to become the leading provider of groundbreaking software, innovative hardware and integrated services in the stroke care, peri-operative neuroprotection and embolization management markets.

Within 10 years, ABMI will capitalize on its clinical, technical and scientific expertise to become a leading provider of groundbreaking medical systems for high-growth sectors of the medical market.


ABMI provides its clients with software add-ons and complete turn-key and/or OEM innovative solutions in term of complementary software, hardware and services for enabling medical practitioners to achieve improved therapeutic decision-making and better clinical outcome in stroke care, peri-operative neuroprotection and embolization management.

ABMI's innovative products and services reduce neurological risk for patients, decrease stroke morbidity and mortality and foster better quality of life after stroke.

ABMI helps and supports the medical community in changing its paradigms of care.

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ABMI SA - 1 ch. des Vignes, 1026 Echandens (Switzerland) - Email: info@abmintelligence.com - Ph: +41 21 7014075 - Fax: +41 21 7014076 | info@abmintelligence.com

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